M.A, Media Arts and Culture (joint program: Danube University Krems, Austria; Aalborg University, Denmark; University of Lodz, Poland; City University of Hong Kong)
B.A, Mass Communication and Journalism, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Courses taught:
COM 102: Public Speaking in the Digital Age (Instructor-of-record)

Research interests:
Health communication
Media psychology
Communication and technology
Neuromarketing message design and evaluation
Human-Computer Interaction

Conference Presentations:

Jerin, S. I., O’Donnell, N. H. & Mu, D. (2023, August). Mental health messages on TikTok: The use of emotional appeals [Paper presentation]. Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) conference, Washington, DC., USA.

O’Donnell, N. H., Jerin, S. I., & Mu, D. (2023, March). Using TikTok to educate, influence, or inspire? A content analysis of health related EduTok videos [Poster presentation]. Washington State University Academic Showcase, Pullman, WA, USA.

Steinberg, C., Khan, T. A., Jerin, S. I., Bolls, P. (2022, May). The impact of media literacy on responses to risky sexual content in music videos [Paper presentation]. International Communication Association (ICA) annual conference, Paris, France.

Villereal, J., Bolls, P., Mu, Di., Jerin, S. I., Khan, T. A. (2022, May). Scare me, thrill me! The role of motivation activation and emotional responses in enjoyment of horror video games [Paper presentation]. International Communication Association (ICA) conference, Paris, France.

Jerin, S. I. (2019, May). Design of serious games targeting social change: Connecting procedural rhetoric with learning theories [Paper presentation]. International Communication Association (ICA) conference, Washington D.C, USA

Jerin, S. I. (2019, April). Medium is a mess, so is the visuals of post-human art [Paper presentation]. What is Technology conference, Portland, OR, USA.

Jerin, S. I. (2018, June 12). An analysis of the use of social media to advocate a non-political movement of garment workers in Bangladesh [Paper presentation]. International Association of Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) conference, Eugene, OR, USA.

Barreda, K. Z., Bracamontes, L. A. H., Jerin, S. I., Odendaal, W. A., (2017, September). Alternative archiving strategy: Design of a tangible user interface for forgotten sound [Prototype presentation]. Ars Electronica conference, Linz, Austria.

Barreda, K. Z., Bracamontes, L. A. H., Jerin, S. I., Odendaal, W. A., (2017, May). Alternative archiving strategy: Design of a tangible user interface for forgotten sound [Prototype presentation]. New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.


O’Donnell, N. H., Jerin, S. I., & Mu, Di. (2023). Using TikTok to educate, influence, or inspire? A content analysis of health-related EduTok videos. Journal of Health Communication. Advance online publication.

2022 Murrow College Top Graduate Student Award for Research Contribution.
2021: Keith and Turi Jackson Graduate Fellowship
2016: Erasmus-Mundus Fellowship from European Union
2015: Global Leadership Institute Fellowship,  University of California, San Diego.

Sultana Ismet Jerin is a doctoral student at Edward R. Murrow College of Communication. She is interested in generating insights about the design of media and technology to promote health and well-being. Jerin works closely with the Media Mind Lab, where she and her research team investigate how the human mind cognitively and emotionally processes media content. She is also affiliated with the Murrow Center for Media and Health Promotion, where she researches how individuals and health professionals use media most effectively to facilitate informed and healthy decisions. Jerin strongly supports community-engaged scholarship that informs health message/product design and evaluation. She collaborated on various projects with non-profit organizations and the government in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Before her journey as an academic researcher in the area, she had worked as a digital communication strategist in health promotion projects such as the anti-smoking campaign for World Lung Foundation and the newborn care campaign for UNICEF.

Besides Jerin’s research work at Murrow College, she has been teaching COM 102: Public Speaking in the Digital Age since 2021. She finds it very fulfilling and meaningful when facilitating her class for student presentations and discussions. She is passionate about experiential learning. In her class, she always looks for scopes to facilitate the application of and reflection on an individual’s knowledge and skills. She is a certified facilitator of LEGO serious play (an experiential learning process). In her LSP sessions, she uses Lego bricks to facilitate dialogue on self-awareness, strategic planning, and product/personal identity development. She facilitated various LSP sessions for young social entrepreneurs in collaboration with Eugene Public Library and SCORE,  USA based non-profit organization . Jerin is  deeply curious about different cultures. She lived on three continents and visited dozens of countries. She is a photography enthusiast and loves visual storytelling.  When she is not working, she organizes her photography, reads books, or plans for her next trip.