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Edward R. Murrow College of Communication


Murrow Advising: Spring 2020

Our academic advisors in Pullman are committed to supporting your academic progress and stand ready to meet with you virtually.


If you already have an appointment with your advisor, please plan to keep that appointment. Your advisor will contact you via phone unless plans have been made directly with you to communicate through email or zoom.

Tips to help prepare for your appointment:

  • Check your WSU email daily for any messages. Faculty and Academic Advisors will communicate with you through your WSU email.
  • Make sure your telephone number is up to date in myWSU. This is the phone number your advisor will call. To review your phone number and contact information, use the following link:
  • Make sure you are available for the appointment time you scheduled. If you need to change or cancel your appointment, please notify your advisor ahead of time by email.
  • Make sure your voicemail is set up and has space for new messages.
  • Make sure you can take the call in a focused environment. Be prepared to take notes during your appointment.
  • Keep in mind those around you for this FERPA protected conversation.
  • As your appointment draws near, take a moment to review your academic requirement report located in MyWSU along with the Schedule of Classes which lists Summer and Fall 2020 course availability. Your advisor will be referencing these resources during your appointment.

How to Make an Advising Appointment via SSC Navigate

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your WSU credentials and schedule an appointment with your advisor based on availability shown by a calendar that merges your advisor’s schedule with your own class schedule and other appointments you have made through SSC Navigate
  3. Select the “Get Advising Button,” choose the Campus and Appointment reason, choose advisor location and advisor, select time, write the reason in the ‘comments’ section, confirm appointment
  4. You will then receive an email reminder regarding your upcoming appointment, as well as an opportunity to opt-into text message reminders

Please provide your phone number in the “comments” section when making your appointment. Your advisor will call you at the starting time of your appointment. If no number is provided, your advisor will call the “preferred” phone number listed on your myWSU page. *Note: the phone call from your advisor will show as “Unknown” or “Restricted”.

If you want your advising appointment scheduled as a Zoom meeting (i.e., virtual face-to-face meeting), please contact your advisor 24 business hours prior to your appointment.

Student Services Distance-Advising No-Show Policy *

You are considered a “no-show” if

  • You do not answer the phone call from your advisor during your scheduled appointment time and do not return the missed call within 10 minutes
  • Cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time

*You cannot have an appointment until two weeks after the date of no-show.

In the case of an emergency, you must call our office at 509-335-7333.

* Policy is subject to change. Read future Murrow Updates for details.

*These process changes (including phone and Zoom advising appointments) only apply for the duration of time WSU is employing a virtual format for courses and advising.

Additional Student Resources

Virtual Adobe Lab: Murrow Peer Mentors

In addition to the physical lab in Jackson 53, we will have a virtual adobe lab available to all Murrow College students. You will be able to sign up for an appointment at The virtual lab assistant will send you a zoom invitation prior to your appointment. This service is free to use, but if you no-show on two appointments, you will no longer be able to use the service.

Cougar Capture Tutorials (Panopto)

Panopto Tutorials and Guides for Students

Virtual-Format Classes: Tips and Resources

  1. Organize yourself. Get a planner, use your calendar, find an app that works for you and write down all deadlines and meeting times.
    Many professors have been sending out emails or blackboard notifications. Don’t dig through them every time an assignment might be due, write it down.
  2. Try to keep a consistent schedule. We know how hard it is to keep a regular schedule when you’re at home. Try to keep a routine that makes you feel like you have to get up and work. Even just showering and changing out of pajamas can help.
  3. Talk to your professors. They understand the struggles of online learning and will probably be grateful to have your input if you are confused about something or need more help.
  4. Talk to your classmates. You’ve been going to class with them all semester, and that hasn’t changed. Message them on zoom and work together to stay on track!
  5. If you are worried about having access to a computer or internet, seek help from our advisors, mentors, and support staff for resources that will help you stay academically engaged.


Facebook: WSU Office of Academic Engagement

Preparing to Complete Courses Remotely: WSU Learning Innovations

Resources and tips from WSU Learning Innovations:

This page provides resources to help you successfully complete courses delivered remotely through Blackboard Learn and other academic technology.

Distance Learning Tips: Information Technology Services (ITS)

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