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Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Media, Society & Politics

Media, Society and Politics focuses on the role that communication plays in political institutions and in creating robust civic engagement. We examine political communication from multiple perspectives and examine the interplay of emerging technology, media, and communication with information seeking, processing, and decision making. Our research focuses on both individual-and societal-level outcomes. Faculty and graduate students work in teams to test and develop theory related to political communication.

Areas of Focus

Information Seeking & Processing:

Faculty in the Murrow College examine what factors lead individuals to seek out and then process political information. For example, some scholars focus on why individuals seek out counter-attitudinal information. Others focus on how aspects of the message change how individuals process the message, which then leads to different attitudinal or behavioral consequences.

Impact and Interplay of Emerging Media:

Several faculty in the Murrow College examine how technological advances influence citizens’ response to information. For example, some faculty members examine how online forums facilitate or impede uncivil political interactions. Other scholars examine how emerging media changes how politicians communicate with their constituents.

Societal Impacts:

Several faculty members look not at how communication influences individuals, but rather how society impacts communication. Research along these lines examines how community power structures, political elites, and legal and ethical frameworks constrain and enable communication processes. Some faculty study the interaction between communication artifacts and social and cultural systems and how dominant ideologies impact communication and media representations.


Graduate Students:

  • Jackie Chan Chen
  • Rebecca R. Donaway
  • Kyle Lorenzano
  • Miles Sari
  • David E. Silva
  • Yiran Wang

Research Stories: Media, Society & Politics