Ryan Risenmay, a clinical assistant professor in the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, has never shied away from a new challenge and encourages his students to do the same.

Prior to joining the Murrow faculty, Risenmay worked for 18 years at startup companies with a focus on digital marketing and public relations campaigns. He also was a consultant with Microsoft for six years, developing web programs, social engagement, and content strategies to increase global reach with the Microsoft Partner Network.  In the Murrow College, Risenmay brings this experience into the classroom.

For example, students in Risenmay’s Digital Content Promotion course build websites and social plans to comprise a uniquely branded web presence, which is similar to his professional work experience.

He also teaches Media Strategies and Techniques for Public Relations, where students work with local non-profit groups to create public awareness campaigns.  It’s also a chance, Risenmay said, for students to step away from their own space and work on behalf of a client.

In addition, in his Web Design and Usability course, Risenmay instructs students in user-experience focused testing of various digital interfaces—from desktop to mobile.  This, he said, helps his students to see practical applications of digital principles they can immediately put to use in their career developing and delivering targeted messages.

Risenmay said students have contacted him years after graduating to tell him about how close their experience at the Murrow College was to their professional experience. Despite this, he said keeping the curriculum up to date is important in such a rapidly changing industry.

He said he is always looking for the newest tools and technology to help students communicate in different channels to different audiences with different purposes.

Bio authored by Forrest Holt, Class of 2018