Kanale Rhoden wants his students to stick to broadcast production principles but also to think outside the box.

He has been a broadcast production enthusiast since listening to the radio as a kid in Hawaii and was seriously “bitten by the bug, “he said, after being an MC at a high school homecoming football pep rally.

Within the first week as a Washington State University student, Rhoden joined one of the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication’s student organizations, Cable 8 Productions, where he is now a faculty adviser.  By his senior year, he said, he had decided to come back one day as an instructor.

After graduating in 2009, Rhoden worked as an editor, director and technical director at Northwest Cable News in Seattle. He returned to teach at the Murrow College in 2012, sharing his professional experience with his classes.

Rhoden instructs three video production courses, each challenging students’ abilities to tell stories using visual media.

In Introduction to Broadcast Equipment, he teaches the basic sequence of video production, where the class collaborates to create a complete broadcast show by the end of the semester.

Rhoden’s students in Beginning Television Production learn about and then assume the roles of a studio broadcast team.

Once they have mastered the basics in Digital Video Editing for News Reporting and Documentary, Rhoden encourages his students to be innovative, creating videos that apply the core principles of visual storytelling to inanimate objects and students’ daily interactions, thus honing the skill set they need to be effective content creators, who think outside the box.

Bio authored by Forrest Holt, Class of 2018