Jay Hmielowski’s teaching and research focuses on environmental, political and science communication.

He earned his bachelors’ degree in communication at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, his master’s degree at Washington State University, and his doctorate at The Ohio State University.  He also completed a one-year post-doctoral program at Yale University, working on the Yale Project on Climate Change. Hmielowski also worked two years at the University of Arizona.

He said he is most proud of his studies on the effects of media on people’s trust in scientists and beliefs in climate change, as well as how changes to the media structure after the passage of the 1996 Telecommunications Act affect polarization.

He also is interested in how different types of messages or the combination of conflicting messages affect the structure of people’s attitudes and how the complexity of people’s attitudes influences a variety of outcome variables, such as information seeking, information processing, and engaging in environmental or political behaviors.

At the undergraduate level, Hmielowski teaches Research Methods, Environmental Communication, and Persuasion, where he shows students the relevance of theory to real-world applications.  He also teaches Graduate Topics in Communication.

In his free time, Hmielowski likes to go to sporting events and tries to stay in shape.

Bio authored by Shannon Heckt, Class of 2018