Ph.D., Michigan State University (Communication, mass media)
M.A., Michigan State University (Public Relations)
B.S., California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Journalism)

Research Interests

Health promotion, abuse prevention
Political communication
Media literacy
Media/digital technology and decision making
Communication campaign evaluation
Research methods


Principles of Public Relations
Public Relations Management and Campaign Design
Quantitative Research Methods
Seminars/related topics in Communication (graduate and undergraduate)
Advanced Research Methods
Marketing Public Relations
Political Communication
Public Relations Theory and Cases


Teaching: Educator of the Year, Public Relations Society of America, Greater Spokane Chapter and Spokane Regional Marcom Association (jointly awarded)
Research: A total of eight top paper/top-four paper awards from the International Communication Association or the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication


Austin, E. W., & Pinkleton, B. E. (in press). Strategic public relations management: Planning and managing effective communication campaigns (3rd edition). New York: Routledge.

Selected Recent Refereed Publications
Hoffman, E. W., Pinkleton, B. E., Austin, E. W., & Reyes-Velazquez, W. (2014). Exploring college students’ use of general and alcohol-related social media and their associations to alcohol-related behaviors. Journal of American College Health, 62, 328-335.

Pinkleton, B. E., Austin, E. W., Chen, Y., & Cohen, M. (2013). Assessing effects of a media literacy-based intervention on U.S. adolescents’ responses to and interpretations of sexual media messages. Journal of Children and Media, 7, 463-479.

Austin, E. W., Pinkleton, B. E., Austin, B. W., & Van de Vord, R. (2012). The relationships of information efficacy and media literacy skills to knowledge and self-efficacy for health-related decision making. Journal of American College Health, 60, 548-554.

Pinkleton, B. E., Austin, E. W., Chen, Y., & Cohen, M. (2012). The role of media literacy in shaping adolescents’ understanding of and responses to sexual portrayals in mass media. Journal of Health Communication, 17, 460-476.

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