M.Ed., University of Lagos, Nigeria
PGD., Federal University of Technology, Nigeria
B.Ed., Ondo State University, Nigeria

Teaching experience:
COM 102: Public Speaking in the Digital Age

Research Interests:
Health communication
Media literacy
Using media to prevent suicide among young people
Mentor-mentee communication about media and health
Media effects
Strategies to prevent alcohol and cannabis use among women

Pearl Oladele is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Edward Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. She studies health communication, and her research explores the impact of alcohol and cannabis on adolescents and young adults that make them desire to die by suicide. On a narrower scope, Pearl’s work addresses this problem among young people. There is a growing prevalence of issues such as youth frustration, depression, brain drain, vulnerability to peer pressures, drug abuse, terrorism, and disaster leading to suicidal ideation among adolescents and young adults. A boy who felt lonely, ashamed, and frustrated due to not knowing his father expressed a desire to end his life. However, the counselor, who happened to be reading a book about Bill Clinton’s life, shared the story of the former U.S. president who also didn’t know his father. This anecdote provided the boy with a sense of hope and encouragement. Past projects include instructional materials’ influence on student’s academic performance in a local government in Lagos.

Before starting a Ph.D., Pearl completed a Master’s degree from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, and worked for various institutions as a head of school, counselor, and state trainer at an NGO based in the U.S. (Discovery Channel Global Educational Partnership). She completed her postgraduate studies at the Federal University of Technology, Nigeria, and her bachelor’s degree at Ondo State University, Nigeria. After this, she worked as a teacher in different schools and established schools in three other locations, two of which are still functional.