B.B.A, Marketing, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
M.B.A., Marketing, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Teaching experience:
COM 210: Multimedia Content Creation

Research interests:
Organizational communication
Health communication
Media effects

Journal articles:

Khanam, F. (2018). Exploring the factors influencing customers purchase intention in online shopping. International Journal of Customer Relationship Marketing & Management (IJCRMM), 9(4), 1-15.

Rahman, N., & Khanam, F. (2019). Measuring the quality of healthcare services in Bangladesh. International Journal of Big Data & Analytics in Healthcare (IJBDAH), 4(1), 15-31.

Ullah, M., Khanam, F., & Al-Zadid, M. O. (2021). Factors forming favorable consumer attitude towards the fast-food restaurants in Bangladesh: A study on Pizza Hut. IAR Journal of Business Management, 6(1), 1-14.

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Khanam, F., Al-Zadid, M. O., & Ullah, M. (2022). Measuring the quality of higher education in Bangladesh: A Study on the University of Dhaka. International Journal of Knowledge-Based Organizations (IJKBO), 12(1), 1-15. 

Book Chapters:

Khanam, F., Al-Zadid, M. O., & Ullah, M. (2023). Usage of the basic Facebook features as befitting marketing tools. In Encyclopedia of Data Science & Machine Learning (pp. 2918-2934). IGI Global. 

Khanam, F., Ullah, M., & Al-Zadid, M. O. (2023). Factors shaping the patterns of online shopping behavior. In Encyclopedia of Data Science and Machine Learning (pp. 1127-1142). IGI Global. 

Fahima Khanam is an M.A. student of communication at The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication. Her research identifies consumer responses to social media messages and how these contents affect their behavior. She also investigates interaction between the healthcare providers and receivers, mainly to measure or understand the satisfaction levels of the concerned people, find the causes of disputes and dissatisfactions, and suggest effective measures thereof to ensure a sustainable satisfactory service-providing environment in this very important sector.

Fahima’s research has been published in the International Journal of Customer Relationship Marketing and Management, the International Journal of Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare, the Encyclopedia of Data Science of Machine Learning, and others. She envisions working on how public relations content and advertising messages influence consumers’ psyche and how social media dynamics are evolving. She has a great inclination toward the study of how public relations, advertising, and social media marketing tools are used to contribute to the health sector. Besides, she is also intrigued by the implementation of effective communication to achieve organizational goals, get the best out of the employees, and create an environment of empathy and equity in the workplace.