Ph.D., University of Minnesota (mass communication)
M.A., University of Minnesota (mass communication)
B.A., Saint Olaf College (English and religion)


First Amendment
Media ethics
Media accountability systems


Law of Mass Communication (undergraduate)
Media Ethics (undergraduate)
Communication Ethics Seminar (graduate)
Ethics for Professional Communicators (graduate, online)


– Two of her graduate students have won the Carol Burnett Award for the best research in media ethics nationally.
– Her article “First Amendment Theories and Press Responsibility: The Work of Thomas Emerson, Zechariah Chafee, Vincent Blasi and Edwin Baker”€ was named one of the fifty classic research articles in mass communication, by Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly.
– Her article “€˜Spectacles of the Poor€™: Conventions of Alternative News”€ was named as one of the three best ethnographies of the decade, also by J Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly.
– She is listed as a leading researcher in both media ethics (top 18) and media law (top 52) by the Institute for Communication Online Scholarship (CIOS).
– She has won best-paper awards for research (2011, Media Ethics Division of AEJMC; 1991, Law Division, AEJMC) and teaching awards (1996, 1997, North Dakota State).


Journalism’s Crazy Old Aunt: Helen Thomas and Paradigm Repair.  Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly (in press) (with Ryan Thomas).

The Princess and the Paparazzi: Blame, Responsibility and the Media’s Role in the Death of Diana, in Daniel Berkowitz, Cultural Meanings of News A Text-Reader (Sage Publications, 2010).

Protecting Childhood: Rights, Social Goals and the First Amendment in the Context of the Child Online Protection Act, Communication Law and Policy 15(1): 1-23 (Winter 2010) (lead article).

When is the Truth Not the Truth? Truth Telling and Libel by Implication, Communication Law and Policy 12(4): 341-367 (Autumn, 2007).

Jayson Blair, The New York Times, and Paradigm Repair,  Journal of Communication 55(2): 225-241 (June 2005).

The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost: Individualism, Collectivism, and Conflict in Commercial Speech Doctrine, Communication Law and Policy 9 (2): 237-271 (Spring 2004).

Rights vs. Responsibilities: The Supreme Court and the Media (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1997).