M.A., Public Relations
M.A., Human Rights
B.A., Communication Studies
Diploma, Communication Studies

Teaching Experience:
COM 102: Public Speaking in the Digital Age

Research interests:
Media Literacy
Health Communication

Andy Opoku
is a communications professional with over twenty-three (23) years of practice. He is a team player with wealth of practical experience having served in various capacities as print and broadcast journalist, public relations manager, TV host, TV producer/director, marketing and communications manager and media advisor in charge of strategic communication.

From February 2020 to August 2021, Andy Opoku served as Media Advisor for Johns Hopkins University Centre for Communication Programs, Ghana in charge of Media and Strategic Communication. He was responsible for overall communication campaigns across Ghana and supervised production and broadcast of COVID-19 advocacy materials (audio and audio-visuals). He served as technical lead in charge of materials (print, audio, and audio-visuals) production, media relations, campaign planning, coordination and management, publicity and coordinator of advocacy campaigns targeted at different life stages.

Andy served as Media Advisor for FHI 360 (2015-2019) on the USAID Communicate for Health project in Ghana. He was responsible for media, strategic communication, and advocacy. Andy oversaw planning and management of communication campaigns, management of budget, supervising selection of vendors producing communication materials (print, audio, and audio-visuals). He managed internal and external communication – press releases, media interviews, broadcast of communication materials on radio, television, and print. Andy oversaw public events – press conferences, workshops, launch, public forums, community deburs. He served as a core member of the senior management team.

Andy served as Public Relations/ Programs Director at Creative Consult Limited (2005-2014). He supervised strategic communication campaigns and worked closely with clients to enhance their public image. He served as the focal point person for the Ghana Police Service anti-crime television program designed to inform and educate the populace on crime prevention and control and create favorable image of the police service.

Andy was responsible for content development and broadcast of the anti-crime television talk program CrimeFighters TV which aired on national television (Ghana Television 2008-2013, Joy News Channel 2013-2017). He served as the host and producer of the anti-crime television program.

Andy served as a print journalist for Daily Graphic in 2003 and public relations manager for Metro TV in 2005. He has enormous skills in media productions, content development and strategic communications.

His research interests involve media literacy and health communication. His focus is on media effects and its impact on health communication. His passion is to work with team of researchers in reducing misinformation within the media.