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Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Murrow Student Services

We are a team of professional advisors who are dedicated to student success, assisting you with optimizing your educational opportunities and resources. Murrow advisors help students design their semester schedules to keep you on track for graduation. Murrow advisors also encourage college and campus involvement, as well as study abroad opportunities. WSU and The Murrow College of Communication strive to build a collaborative relationship that supports your personal development while working toward your degree.

Contact Us

Sara Stout, Director, Student Services
Tami Vik, Academic Advisor
Megan Starr-Gepford, Academic Advisor
Stephannie Ankrah, Recruitment and Advising Coordinator
Rose Kringel, Office Assistant


Make an appointment

How to make an appointment

  1. Sign-in to SSC Navigate with Network ID
  2. Select “Get Advising” Button
  3. Choose Campus and Appointment Reason
  4. Choose Advisor Location and Advisor
  5. Select a Time
  6. Write reason in “Comments” Section
  7. Confirm Appointment

Drop-In Hours:

Check your Murrow advisor’s Blackboard Announcements page.

Preparing for Your Advising Appointment

You should plan to meet with your academic advisors at least once a semester.

Prior to meeting with your advisors, be sure to:

  • Review your Advisement Report;
  • Select courses you need and want to take in the coming semester(s);
  • Update and bring your graduation plan; and
  • Come prepared with any questions you might have.
  • Review the Advising Syllabus and resources available on the Advising site through your Blackboard

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to certify?

To certify you must meet all of the major certification requirements while maintaining an adequate cumulative GPA.

Is there a way I can be guaranteed certification?

Yes. If you have 30 credits (15 WSU Credits), have successfully completed the certification courses, AND a 3.0 GPA you are guaranteed to certify in the Murrow College. You must apply through Cougsync during one of our three open certification application cycles.

When do I certify if I have met all other requirements?

Students apply on Cougsync and must have a Murrow College of Communication Membership (Pullman students only). Students are notified via their WSU email address once certification is processed after final grades post each semester.

What are the requirements for someone minoring in the College of Communication and when can I apply?

The course requirements are provided on the WSU Admissions website under Communication. Students may apply to certify in the minor after they have certified in a major outside the Murrow College of Communication.

Is an internship required to Graduate?

No. It is optional. You can take 6 credit hours of upper-division communication courses instead.

I’m an exchange student, how can I enroll in College of Communication classes?

Click here for more information regarding exchange student requirements.

Are there any Scholarships offered through the College of Communication that I can apply for?

Yes. To explore the scholarships offered and guidelines, look at the Scholarships and Awards page.

I’m interested in grad school, how can I find out more about it and/or apply?

General questions about applications should be directed to Christy Curtis, Graduate Coordinator. You can also find more information under the Graduate Programs section.

I’m thinking about joining a club but not sure which one, how do I find out more about them?

There are many different clubs offered by not only WSU but also more specifically the College of Communication.