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Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

The Murrow Mentor Program

The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication alumni offer a wonderful mentoring opportunity for those HIGHLY motivated students looking for work upon graduation. This program is intended to leverage the talent, experience, knowledge and professional networks of alumni volunteers to coach Murrow juniors and seniors who have demonstrated the discipline and perseverance required to secure a good entry-level job in communication.

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Murrow Mentoring provides the rare opportunity for alumni volunteers to coach and guide seniors so they will be job-ready following graduation. Students have the unique ability to leverage the talent, experience, knowledge and professional network of alumni volunteers to help secure top internships and employment.

Program Objective:

To help Murrow juniors and seniors get job-ready day one following graduation. This program is not intended to have the mentors “get you a job” but rather to help you navigate the job search process.

Murrow Mentoring Program - Student App

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  • Thank you for your interest in being assigned a mentor through the Murrow Mentoring Program. Please submit this application by January 26, 2018.
  • Program Requirements

    If accepted as a Murrow Mentee, I am committed to being respectful, professional and timely in all my interactions with my mentor. I realize the intention of this program is NOT for my mentor to find me a job, but to support me with the job search process. I am committed to taking constructive criticism and understand that my mentor will provide me feedback on my strengths and weaknesses in order to help ensure that I am preparing myself in the best way I can for job placement after graduation.

Who Are the Murrow Mentors?

Apply to be a Murrow Mentor

The Murrow Mentors are volunteers (and not necessarily Murrow alumni) who offer their time and expertise to help Murrow juniors and seniors prepare to pursue good jobs in communication. Participating students are selected and matched to a mentor aligned with their area of specialty and, when possible, who reside in the geographical region desired by the student.


Each mentor has committed to at least eight one hour meetings, conducted by phone or Skype, with their assigned student. The first meeting will occur in November with meetings scheduled through June. The eight meetings are the minimum and mentors and students are encouraged to meet more frequently if their schedules allow.

Murrow Mentoring Program - Mentor App

Step 1 of 3

  • Thank you for your interest in the Murrow Mentoring Program. To become a mentor, please complete this short application.


    As a Murrow Mentor you are responsible for the facilitation and support of student success through the development of: resume, portfolio of work, networking and interviewing skills, salary negotiation and other foundational requirements necessary to transition into a Communications field. Other requirements include:

    • Willingness to share industry expertise and professional resources [such as search firms, web sites, professional meetings] that can assist your mentee in becoming more knowledgeable in his or her chosen area.
    • Ability to drive independent and critical thinking of your mentee without telling them what or how they should do things
    • Encourage your mentee to formulate questions and identify specific issues to discuss prior to each meeting.
    • Assist your mentee in bridging the gap between university and professional life.
    • Provide ongoing and constructive feedback while recognizing accomplishments.

Meetings and Milestones

With just eight meetings time is limited and mentors and students must make efficient use of their monthly meetings and commit to achieving specific meeting milestones

  • November/December – Student identifies a specific career objective and commits to developing resume tailored to stated objective and to bring resume to the second meeting for mentor review.
  • January/February – Resume reviewed with, and improved by, mentor (this may require more time and collaboration than a single one-hour meeting).  Student and mentor discuss a preliminary list of target industries and target companies student has an interest in.
  • March/April – Student brings resume and list of target companies to meeting three.  Mentor and student refine a list of target companies to 20 +/- and finalize resume. Define outreach and communications plan with target companies utilizing email, LinkedIn and leveraging Mentor’s network.  (Spring Break is March 9 – 16, an ideal time for students to interview if they are ready).
  • April/May/June – Refine resume, target company list, and outreach plan.  Role play and practice interview techniques and answers to interview questions.  Continue to leverage all relationships to drive outcome:  mentor’s network, WSU and Murrow networks, other alumni, etc.