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Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Process for Temporary Hires

Step 1: Complete a Temporary Personnel Hiring Request form.


Tip: Please don’t start people working before they have been hired at the University level.

Let us know:

  • Who it is that we are hiring, name and WSU ID #?
  • What will they be doing ? –A short job description and desired qualifications

Tip: If they are filling a position that was previously held by another employee, please provide that name and you can skip the job description.

  • When will they start working and for how long?
  • Where (for whom) will they be working?
  • How much are they to be paid and the budget to pay from?

Tip: First time WSU employees must complete an I9 form before they can start work.

Step 2: Get the information to the payroll specialist in the business office.

  • Contact Erin Cox (, 5-2476),
  • Using the Request form will ensure that all the information we need to process the request is provided.
  • An email with all the required information can also be used.

Step 3: Completing the hiring process.

  • The employee should make an appointment with the payroll specialist in the business office to complete additional forms, receive additional information and timekeeping instructions.
  • Supervisors follow up by reviewing the Conditions for Temporary Employment with the employee and submitting the signed form to the business office.

Step 4: Time Keeping.

  • We use a web based time keeping system known as Cougar Manager. Employees log time and supervisors approve hours for payment. For specific instructions or information on Cougar Manager contact the payroll specialist in the business office.