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Edward R. Murrow College of Communication

Nadia Ishrat Alamgir

  1. M.A. Student
LocationJackson Hall 366



Nadia Ishrat Alamgir is a first-year master’s student in the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. Nadia’s research interest lies in understanding the impact and usage of social media among different audiences, e-health, public health literacy among communication professionals, organizational communication, strategic communication for marginalized population, and media literacy.

Nadia started her career as a Research Fellow at icddr,b, a premier international research organization located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There she received funding as a Principal Investigator and co-investigator from the CDC and other agencies to carry out research projects on health economics. After successful completion of her fellowship, she moved to academia.

Nadia served BRAC James P. Grant School of Public Health (BRACJPGSPH) as a faculty member and Senior Research Fellow for several years. She taught Health Economics and Health Care Financing and Health Systems Management at the university’s interdisciplinary MPH program. She was also involved in designing, coordinating, and implementing short courses on Health Systems Strengthening and Universal Health Coverage.

Nadia coordinated a program called Building Awareness for Universal Health Coverage: Advancing the Agenda in Bangladesh. This program advocated and raised awareness among critical stakeholders for promoting and ensuring quality health care and universal health coverage (UHC) in Bangladesh.

Nadia successfully organized three flagship courses on health systems strengthening and universal health coverage in partnership with the WHO, the World Bank, Health Financing and Governance Project and other INGOs. These courses were designed to develop capacity of key stake holders to promote and advance UHC agenda in Bangladesh. In addition, she planned and coordinated different professional events at the school to promote research environments including stakeholders’ meetings, research seminars, dissemination programs, career events, round table discussions, and workshops.

Nadia completed her bachelor’s in economics and master’s in health economics from the University of Dhaka. Later she did another master’s in public health from the BRAC JPGSPH, BRAC University. Her thesis has been awarded as the best among all her MPH classmates and she received the prestigious William B. Greenow III award. She also received a competitive grant from UNICEF, Bangladesh to review the cases of HIV-sensitive protection services for children infected and affected by HIV in Bangladesh.

Nadia published her research findings in several peer reviewed journals including the Journal of Clinical Medicine, the Journal of Global Health, BMC Public Health, and Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses.


  • M.Sc, MPH

Classes Taught

  • COM 102 – Public Speaking in the Digital Age

Research Interests

  • Health communication
  • Strategic communication


  • Best thesis award, 2006/07, for the thesis Coping Strategies for Financial Burdens in Families with Pneumonia.

Selected Publications

Talukdar, J. R., Oyewale, T., Hasib, E., Alamgir, N. I., Uddin, M. Z., & Mahmud, I. (2021). Well-being of children affected by HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh: A cross-sectional study. Vulnerable Children & Youth Studies, 16(4), 369-379.

Mahumud, R. A., Alamgir, N. I., Hossain, M. T., Baruwa, E., Sultana, M., Gow, J., Alam, K., Ahmed, S. M., & Khan, J. A. M. (2019). Women’s preferences for maternal healthcare services in Bangladesh: Evidence from a discrete choice experiment. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 8(2), 132.

Bhuiyan, M. U., Luby, S. P., Alamgir, N. I., Homaira, N., Sturm–Ramirez, K., Gurley, E. S., Abedin, J., Zaman, R. U., Alamgir, A. S. M., Rahman, M., Ortega-Sanchez, I. R., & Azziz–Baumgartner, E. (2017). Costs of hospitalization with respiratory syncytial virus illness among children aged 5 years and the financial impact on households in Bangladesh, 2010. Journal of Global Health, 7(1).

Bhuiyan, M. U., Luby, S. P., Alamgir, N. I., Homaira, N., Mamun, A. A., Khan, J. A. M., Abedin, J., Sturm-Ramirez, K., Gurley, E. S., Zaman, R. U., Alamgir, A. S. M., Rahman, M., Widdowson, M-A, & Azziz‐Baumgartner, E. (2014). Economic burden of influenza‐associated hospitalizations and outpatient visits in Bangladesh during 2010. Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses, 8(4), 406-413.

Alamgir, N. I., Naheed, A., & Luby, S. P. (2010). Coping strategies for financial burdens in families with childhood pneumonia in Bangladesh. BMC Public Health, 10(1), 1-7.

Conference Presentations

Rana, S., Islam, M., Hossain, T., Rahman, H. Z., & Alamgir, N. I. (2018, October). Strategic communication for universal health coverage in Bangladesh: Stewardship for translating awareness to action. [Conference presentation abstract]. 5th Global Health Conference on Health Systems Research, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Ganguly, P., Alamgir, N. I., Rawal, L. B., Islam, K. F., Rahman M., Nazneen S. (2017, December). Service delivery for prevention and management of type 2 diabetes in health facilities of Dhaka division, Bangladesh: A qualitative study [Conference presentation abstract]. 5th Public Health Foundation Day & International Conference, Public Health Foundation of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Talukdar, J. R., Afroz, T., Alamgir, N. I., Camellia, S., Mahmud, I., & Hasib E. (2017, January). Keeping it anonymous but not a secret: Community based support system for people living with HIV/AIDS [Conference presentation abstract]. Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2017, Bangkok, Thailand.

Alamgir, N. I., Derriennic, Y., Islam, M., & Paul, A. K. (2016, November). Consumers’ knowledge and demand for prepaid health packages at Smiling Sun NGO clinics in Bangladesh [Conference presentation abstract]. 4th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, Vancouver, Canada

Iqbal, A., Rahman, A. E., Alamgir, N. I., Choudhury, N., Ahmed, T., Haider, R., & Arifeen, S. E. (2015, November). Women working in Readymade Garment industries in Bangladesh: Do they have appropriate knowledge and practices regarding infant and young child feeding? [Conference presentation abstract]. South Asia Infant Feeding Research Network, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Alamgir, N. I., Barua, E., Hossain. T., Mahmud, R. R., & Hossain, J. M. (2016, January). Understanding client preferences for child health to guide the prioritization of interventions for increasing demand at NHSDP clinics [Conference presentation abstract]. Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2016 on “Priority Setting for Universal Health Coverage,” Bangkok, Thailand.

Alamgir, N. I., & Ahmed, S. M. (2014, March). Are there enough nurses to deliver women and newborn services in Bangladesh? A Tanahashi analysis [Conference presentation abstract]. 4th Regional Public Health Conference, Bangladesh University of Health Sciences, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bhuiyan, M. U., Luby, S. P., Alamgir, N. I., Gurley, E. S., Zaman, R. U., Homaira, N., Mamun, A. A., Rahman, M., & Baumgartner, E. A. (2012, June). Costs of severe pneumonia associated with respiratory viruses among children aged <5 years in four tertiary hospitals in Bangladesh [Conference presentation abstract]. 15th International Congress on Infectious Diseases, Bangkok, Thailand.

Bhuiyan, M. U., Luby, S., Alamgir, N. I., Gurley, E. S., Zaman, R. U., Homaira, N., Mamun, A. A., Rahman, M., & Baumgartner, E. A. (2012, June). Economic burden of influenza associated illness in Bangladesh in 2010 [Conference presentation abstract]. Workshop on Health and Economic Impact of Influenza, Bali, Indonesia.

Bhuiyan, M. U., Luby, S. P., Alamgir, N. I., Gurley, E. S., Zaman, R. U., Homaira, N., Mamun, A. A., Rahman, M., & Baumgartner, E. A. (2011, March). Costs associated with hospitalizations with respiratory viral infections in Bangladesh [Conference presentation abstract]. 13th International Symposium on Respiratory Viral Infections, Rome, Italy.

Alamgir, N. I., Hossain, J. M., Sejvar, J. J., Gurley, E. S., & Luby, S. P. (2011, October), Cost of illness of Japanese encephalitis in Bangladesh [Conference presentation abstract]. 9th International Congress of Tropical Pediatrics, Bangkok, Thailand.

Alamgir,N. I., Naheed, A., & Luby, S. (2008, June). Coping strategies for financial burdens in families with pneumonia [Conference presentation abstract]. 13th International Society for Infectious Disease, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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