• Journalism and Trauma

    Murrow student documentary on journalists and trauma
    A one-year project chronicles how reporters deal with tragedy
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  • Murrow 41st Symposium

    Murrow Symposium -
    See for yourself here
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  • Murrow Hall of Achievement

    Murrow inducts three new Hall of Achievement members
    Ceremony part of the 41st Murrow Symposium
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  • Anna King WSU Woman of the Year

    UPDATE: King adds second national honor...
    Award winning radio reporter wins top WSU honor
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  • Stepping down

    Murrow Founding Dean takes leave
    Murrow's Bruce Pinkleton becomes interim dean
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  • Polarization and the Deregulation of Cable TV

    Tracing the divide in American politics
    Study confirms polarizing viewpoints began with cable TV deregulation
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  • From the Frontline of the Digital Evolution

    UPDATE: Digital Media Coursework leads to key police position for online Coug
    How Lt. TJ Smith is changing how we see police departments
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  • The Emerging Face of Cuba

    Exploring and understanding the culture behind the political curtain
    Firsthand reports from Murrow Global Expedition Students
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  • The Rebirth of Nepal

    Witness to History
    Murrow Back Pack Journalism students report
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  • A Passion turned Profession

    Murrow Grad lands yet another national publication
    Sunset Magazine publishes work of Ben Herndon
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Murrow Core Programs
Journalism & Media Production

Professional training in multi-media journalism and broadcast production built on the Murrow tradition of ethics and responsibility.

Strategic Communication

Advertising and Public Relations in the age of digital and social media.

Communication & Society

Specializations in Science Communication and the use of digital technology in media campaigns.

Graduate Studies

Resources and information for our master’s and doctorate degree programs in Media & Health Promotion; Communication, Technology & Social Influence; and Science Communication.


Murrow 335Check out this first time broadcast!


Competition news

Veteran - Student ConnectionMurrow PR campaign for veterans wins national recognition

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2016 Murrow Symposium
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